The Versatility of Versaroc

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Versaroc boards are used in various construction applications. Versaroc is a strong building material that resists fire and moisture making it perfect for walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. Lightweight portability and custom fabrication make Versaroc the ideal choice for modular additions to schools, hospitals, libraries, hotels, hospitals, and many other building types. Versaroc composite strength provides a defense against weather erosion, insect infestation and other structural afflictions. Versaroc boards can also be used for making cabinets, bookcases and other interior home-design projects. As a building material, these cement bonded particle boards are highly versatile in function and application.

Versaroc Advantages:

  • Composite Nature Allows for Structural Strength and Flexibility
  • Fire Resistant (UL Listed) and Resists Moisture
  • Durable Against Weather Erosion
  • Protects Against Insects and Other Pest Infestation
  • Can be Custom-Fabricated to fit Design Needs
  • Easy to Install with standard equipment and tools of carpentry.

Versaroc Uses:

  • Versaroc installationIdeal for Walls given its Sturdy yet Pliant Nature&nbsp
  • Great for Floors due to its Easy Installation and Custom Fabrication to
  • Design Specifications
  • Perfect for Roofs because of its ability to Protect against Fire, Moisture and Infestation
  • Makes for a Excellent Outer Casing for Structural Insulated Panel Systems
  • A Solid Choice for Furniture and Interior Design Purposes.

Versaroc is the cement bonded particle board manufactured by U.S. Architectural Products. For over 25 years, U.S. Architectural Products has provided durable and lasting materials in the construction industry and Versaroc lives up to that standard as the flagship brand for cement bonded particle boards. 

Versaroc Composite Make and Design

Cement bonded particle boards are made of Portland cement infused with softwood fibers. The particle board is cut then resin is used to glue the particles together and stabilized the board. The Versaroc boards can be shipped out according to design specifications and can easily bond to building materials. Versaroc is made of non-toxic materials rendering it asbestos-free and safe for the environment. 

Versaroc is Versatile 

Versaroc cement bonded particle boards appear physical similar to plywood making them easy to handle, but the composite cement nature gives Versaroc boards strength to bear loads and resistance to impact and abuse. The Versaroc boards are light weight and flexible making the boards easy to transport and easy to install.

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