Winter's Coming - 11 Tips to Get Your Home Ready

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Though we all enjoy the first nip in the air that tells us the hot summer is over and we can enjoy the beautiful fall weather, it's important to remember that winter is right around the corner. But what do you need to do to get ready? Here are some things you can do now to get the work done during fall's lovely weather instead of dealing with it during the first snowstorm of the season.

11 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

General Considerations

  1. Get your finances in shape for any major renovations you're making this fall. Whether you need to put a little more back into savings or apply for credit with a supplier, make sure you know how you're going to finance those changes.
  2. Construction Job Site During The WinterAs part of getting your finances in shape, check out rebates available in your area for energy improvements. Make sure you note the conditions and end dates of the program so you don't lose out on your savings. Make copies of all the relevant paperwork just in case something gets lost in the shuffle.
  3. Have an energy audit done on your home, if you haven't had one recently. With upgrades in technology, your old programmable thermostat may have a hot new smart home model that will save money on utilities, or new window technologies make those triple-pane windows affordable. 
  4. Do a thorough walk-through on a day with a wide difference between interior and exterior temperatures, preferably while it's windy. Take a lit stick of incense or candle and walk around your home, looking for places where the smoke or flame moves away from a draft. Note that location for areas that need caulking, weatherstripping, spray foam or sealant.
  5. Break down your to-do list into manageable chunks. Make a few lists based on what resources are required in terms of money and time, then tick an item off your list when those resources line up with your reality. Don't forget to get quotes on materials!

Insulation Inspection

  1. Take a Insulfoam insulationgood look at your home's insulation. Did your cellulose get moved off the new bathroom vent when you installed it over the summer? Make sure it's replaced or you'll end up with a hot spot where the snow will melt, causing ice dams and possible damage further down the roof.
  2. Is the sheet foam on your home's building envelope in good condition? Make sure to check places where animal pests can access it - you don't want to have to find the mouse that got in at 4:00 A.M.
  3. What about spray foam and pipe insulation? If you added foam around your utility service entrances, pipes or other areas, make sure it's still in place and in good condition. Frozen pipes aren't any more fun than the mouse in the wee hours.

Windows and Doors

  1. Are your windows or doors drafty? If they are, it could be a sign that your weatherstripping needs to be replaced. This is especially true of your storm door - if it doesn't seal when the wind pushes against it, it won't keep the draft off your home's front door.
  2. If the weatherstripping is okay, have you checked the gaps around the windows or doors for drafts? You can use caulk or spray foam to seal the gaps, but remember to use a low-expanding foam so you don't bend the frame and seal the window or door shut.
  3. Are there any serious repairs that need to be made to your doors or windows? If you need to order something in, it's far better to start now instead of hoping everything works out quickly when you need it.

By keeping on top of these tasks, you'll enjoy your fall and won't be stressed if old man winter comes calling too soon in the year. When it comes to building supplies, Wallboard Supply Company has been faithfully serving the four-state region for decades. Please contact us to see how we can help your winterization process.

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