Top 5 Cool Tree Houses Your Kids Would Love To Have

If you're looking for a way to be the uber-parent in your neighborhood, nothing quite cuts it like creating an awesome play space for your kids. The ultimate in child-friendly play places is, of course, the tree house. We've taken a look to find these top 5 most awesome tree houses and did a quick break down of what's involved in building each one.

If your child loves a bit of whimsy and you've got an older tree stump you haven't figured out what to do with yet, this awesome tree house is the way to go. It melds together somewhere between Peter Pan in the awesome suspended bridge, Tinkerbell in the fairy-house downstairs and simple whimsy in the upstairs loft and balcony. This beautiful tree house uses natural materials, such as cedar shakes and rough wood siding, but combines the ease of assembly of dimensional lumber and, on the loft stairs, fitted iron pipe treads and rails.

If history is more your child's game, with fairy-tale princesses and knights in shining armor, this tree-top castle is just the thing. It will go up quickly with standard frame walls, OSB, trim boards, metal lathing, stucco and a bright, shiny metal roof reminiscent of slate or tile, but without the serious structural demands. If your project needs to go up quickly, consider buying pre-assembled railing, then cut out a rung or two to allow for ladder access. The braces from the bottom provide extra support if your trees are still relatively young and need more growing time to fully bear the structure.

If your child is enamored of the pioneer days and old west, consider building a tree house that reflects that interest. Corrugated tin roofs are relatively inexpensive to purchase and fast to install, while simple flat, white boards create the majority of the wall space. Make it go up quickly and easily by using a simple frame construction on the inside, and don't forget the cross-brace on the door to prevent sagging. The ultimate option for no boys/girls/siblings allowed? The retractable ladder strung across the deck. If your child is somewhat small, consider adding a pair of pulleys to both ends to lower the load, the same way an old-fashioned block-and-tackle would work.

Does your tomboy climb trees in princess dresses? If she does, she may appreciate this lovely cottage loft with a view. It's especially handy if you need to get the work done quickly, as it incorporates vinyl siding, a metal roof and pre-assembled porch railing panels, with the exception of a small amount of customized work for low-hanging branches. Use a simple OSB and frame structure for the walls and roof, and create an easy-to-climb staircase ladder for those trips to the top with a laden tea tray.

If your child's interests lay closer to Swiss Family Robinson or Lothlorian, creating a rough and ready tree house with all the right touches can be a perfect retreat from the real world. To provide additional strength for larger structures, you can add posts to the corners, with a hand-hewn touch added by roughing up the perfect squares with an ax or draw knife. Pre-assembled deck railings can receive the same treatment to improve authenticity. The branch ladder can be assembled with local material and deck screws to ensure security, then tie a short length of hemp or jute twine over the screws to hide them and create authentic touches. To really go all out, purchase artificial coconut fronds or thatching to cover the roof.

When you're building your kids a tree house, just remember to take structural strength and durability of the materials in mind. If you need help finding the perfect materials for your tree house, please keep Wallboard Supply Company in mind. Feel free to contact us today to find out what kind of material can be special ordered to make your tree house unique for your children.

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