New England’s Premier Supplier for Insulation

When you need insulation, will you settle for whatever is available or do you want the best possible products that exceed your expectations and turn your home into a comfortable oasis from the storm? Nobody wants to settle for less, so that means it's time to hit Wallboard Supply Company for your insulation needs. We've spent decades developing our insulation department to become New England's premier supplier of insulation, ensuring that our customers have everything they need. Here's a quick look at some of the high-quality products we have available.

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New England’s Favorite Drywall Supply Company

Dolly Parton said it best, "You gotta honk your own horn!" Wallboard Supply Company has spent decades in business working hard to become New England's favorite drywall supply company, and there's a good reason for that. In addition to superior customer service and support services that provide real savings and benefits to contractors, we also pride ourselves on being able to offer a superior selection of drywall products to our customers. Here's a quick overview of what we have to offer:

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Which Wood Work? Difference in Pressure vs Untreated Lumber

When you're working on a construction project, the type of lumber you use can make all the difference between an exceptional outcome and a failure that doesn't work well for your situation. How do you ensure you're getting the right lumber for your project? Our quick-start guide will give you the basics on the differences between pressure treated, untreated rot-resistant and untreated softwood lumber and the characteristics that may make it a good fit or a bad choice for your project. Let's get started.

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Curb Appeal: Building Materials That Help Raise Your House Value Fast

Today's real estate market and a more transitional society means that home owners have a stronger focus on making changes to a home that will quickly raise the home's value on the future market. As our country continues to climb back out of the recession, home owners are purchasing homes that require some updating and want to keep costs down while looking to future value. Here are some top building materials you can put into play to raise your home's value fast, whether it's for sale next week or a decade from now.

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2015 Green Buildings of North America

As the popularity of the LEED certification program becomes more popular and our society becomes more green, some really amazing buildings have been created that convey those values. But even among the many exceptional designs constructed every year, there are a few that go above and beyond to prove that not only is green living economical, but it's beautiful as well. Here are the top ten green buildings constructed in North America in 2015 that made the AIA Committee on the Environment's top ten list:

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A Look at Our Fastener Brands: What's the Big Difference Anyway?

A screw is a screw and a nail is a nail, right? Not really. There are few things as annoying as nails that bend too easily or screws that strip out at the head, making them difficult to drive or remove. I'm pretty sure Mr. Murphy has something to say about the fact that both only have issues when they're halfway driven. But beyond basic good quality, what makes fastener brands different? Here's a quick overview of some of the brands carried by Wallboard Supply Company and what differences they have.

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Integrating a Commercial Rooftop Garden as a LEED Certification

If you've been paying any attention the past few years, you've been hearing more and more about LEED building certification, which provides acknowledgement of a structure's reduced environmental impact. One area that many contractors and architects fail to consider is the building's roof. By installing a green roof on top of your commercial building, you can provide a beautiful place for employees to hang out and enjoy nature while racking up a large number of LEED certification points in one fell swoop. Here are the details on how a commercial rooftop garden can earn significant LEED points.

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Generic Types of Gypsum Wallboard

When we started our business, we dealt with one thing - wallboard. Though many years have passed since that humble beginning, there's one thing we still know better than any other, and that's gypsum wallboard. But when you're in one of our stores, there are a lot of options available. Made by compressing gypsum between two paper sheets, gypsum wallboard is probably the most commonly-used interior wall facing used today. In this piece, we'll help you sort through the differences and why they're important so that you can pick the perfect drywall panel options for your project.

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8 Projects You Won't Believe Used Steel Framing

Steel framing is becoming much more prevalent in construction, but we often think more of the limitations of the material rather than the possibilities. But some contractors have begun to undertake truly amazing projects using steel framing. In this post, we'll take a good look at several beautiful structures that you won't believe used steel framing:

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What Type of Joint Compound is Right for My Project?

When you're working on a project, it's easy to get into the rut of using a single joint compound for everything you do. But depending on the exact situation of your project, your go-to compound may not be the right one for the job. If you're dealing with a project that requires slow precision, a slow-setting compound may be a good bed. Do you need to get a job done quickly? A quick-set option is a good one to keep in mind. Have a fast patch job to complete? Pre-mixed mud makes it go faster. Here are some common types of joint compound and the situations in which they work best:

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