New Product Alert: WSC Now Carries Rockfon Acoustical Panels

When you're working on a project, sometimes you want to try something new. That's why Wallboard Supply Company is always looking for new manufacturers to partner with to provide our customers with a wider range of options. We're proud to announce that we've partnered with Rockfon to provide our customers with a wide range of new acoustical products, helping our customers find new high-quality options for their projects. Here's a quick look at this dynamic new partner and the great products they sell.

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Improve Job Site Productivity With QuickSpan - Just Click It

When you need to get a job done quickly, deflection, roll and adding a bunch of fasteners just takes up precious time that you don't necessarily have to spare. Fortunately, the engineering minds at CertainTeed have developed a great new drywall grid system to improve your job site productivity and reduce labor costs on the job. Here's a quick overview of their QuickSpan system, which helps you get the job done faster and more efficiently while still providing your customers with a high-quality wall or ceiling system.

But exactly how does the QuickSpan save you the time and effort? Here are some of the highlights:

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Have You Had a Chance to See CertainTeed's Cross Reference Guide?

When it comes to acoustical or suspended ceiling materials, Armstrong and USG are often the first manufacturers to come to mind. But what can you do when a client wants something different or that exceeds the typical specs set out by these companies? Though many contractors are aware of CertainTeed's huge presence in insulation products, very few are as aware of the company's suspended and acoustical ceiling systems. Their products often exceed the specs set by other industry leaders, making it a high-quality option from a known industry leader. Here's a quick look at their cross reference guide, designed to help contractors find the perfect materials for their project.

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Explore a World of Possibilities With CertainTeed Ceiling Tiles

Not that long ago, planning a ceiling with acoustical tiles meant a plain, boring office space. But over the past couple decades, CertainTeed has invested strongly into providing a wide range of ceiling tile solutions that are architecturally pleasing, multifunctional and adaptable to a wide range of conditions. Whatever space you're planning, there's a CertainTeed ceiling tile that will get the job done. Here's a quick overview of the many options and benefits you can take advantage of for your next project.

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Discover the Benefits of CertainTeed's SmartFit Yoke Ceiling System

Though suspended ceilings go in more quickly than many other ceiling systems, there are still projects where even faster installation is needed. But when you still need some level of customization in an otherwise modular design, what's the best system to incorporate into the project? One option to consider is CertainTeed's SmartFit yoke suspended ceiling system.

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Acoustical Ceiling Tile Tools: The Essentials for every job

When you're installing an acoustical ceiling tile project, do you have the right tools for the job? Although it can be tempting to simply improvise or mock up your own tools, having the right tool for the task at hand can mean all the difference between quickly completing a high-quality job and providing poor performance with ill-fitting material. But what tools really make the difference when it's time to get the job done? Here's a review of some of the most necessary and productive tools for your acoustical ceiling tile job.

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New England's Largest CertainTeed Ceiling Tile Distributor

At Wallboard Supply Company, we're always striving to provide our customers with the best possible selection and variety of high-quality building materials. Our goal is to provide your business with everything it needs without having to deal with multiple suppliers, streamlining your materials acquisition process. Recently, we were honored to be recognized as New England's largest acoustical ceiling tile distributor for CertainTeed. This designation allows us to pass on great savings to all our clients while providing them with a better selection of specialty products than we've ever had available in the past. Here's a bit more about what we can offer your project's acoustical ceiling tile needs.

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Ceiling Tiles: A Tour of Colors, Material Types and Uses Cases

Ceiling tiles. Though the term brings up a number of mental images, most of them are the same, boring material - 2' by 2' or 4' textured white panels in an office setting. If this isn't how you picture your project, you're not alone! But today's acoustical ceiling tiles provide you with a wide variety of colors, textures, materials and use cases, many of which you may not expect. Here's a quick look at the exciting new varieties available in today's ceiling tiles.

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Improving Acoustics with a Suspended Ceiling

Having a hard time hearing in your office, business or home? You're not alone. Recent studies have found that the noise in most offices lower productivity, create stress and cause health problems. The average noise of a classroom, just a touch above normal conversation at 60 decibels, is loud enough to cause a physiological stress reaction triggering a heart attack. But what can you do about your noisy work environment? One great option is to improve your workplace or home sound environment with better acoustics through a suspended ceiling.

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Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Suspended Ceiling

A suspended ceiling can provide many benefits for your building, especially when done correctly. You can add a suspended ceiling to the front of a warehouse to create office space, without having to put too much labor and money into the project. A suspended ceiling helps muffle excess noise, allows easy passage of communication and computer networking needs and is simple to repair and modify because of standardized tile sizes. But one area where your suspended ceiling may need help to reach peak energy efficiency is how you seal the places other components pass through, such as lights, intercoms, HVAC vents, wiring, plumbing and other infiltration areas.

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