New England’s Premier Supplier for Insulation

When you need insulation, will you settle for whatever is available or do you want the best possible products that exceed your expectations and turn your home into a comfortable oasis from the storm? Nobody wants to settle for less, so that means it's time to hit Wallboard Supply Company for your insulation needs. We've spent decades developing our insulation department to become New England's premier supplier of insulation, ensuring that our customers have everything they need. Here's a quick look at some of the high-quality products we have available.

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How to Get the Best from your Project's Building Wrap System

Not that long ago, the idea of building wrap was practically unheard of, with 15# roofing felt taking its place. But with the continued focus on energy efficiency and building envelope improvement, specialty products have been developed that has taken this thin layer of paper to a high degree of engineering and science. When you need to get the best performance from your project's building envelope, do you know what building wrap will deliver? What works well for one project may not be the best bet for another. Here's a quick look at building wrap and how you can select and install the best weather proofing building wrap for your project.

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A Quick Look at the Advantages of Cellulose Insulation

When you're considering insulating either a new structure or upgrading the insulation in an older structure, have you really considered all of your options? Though it's fairly easy to go with what you've already used in the past, you may find that other options provide you with better outcomes overall. In this post, we'll give you a brief overview of cellulose insulation and some of the many benefits you can discover for it in your projects.

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Spray Foam Insulation vs. Traditional Insulation - Which is better?

When you need to get an insulation job done, it's easy to turn to the same materials you've always used. But is the same old thing always the right choice for the job? Spray foam insulation has been around for several decades, but is often passed by for batting or blown-in insulation. But when you need specific issues addressed in a project, spray foam can often be the better choice. How do you know which one will be the best choice for your next project? Here is some information to help get you started.

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Going Green in Residential Construction with Roxul ComfortBoard

There's no doubt that there's a strong push for green construction in residential and commercial construction these days, a demand that grows by the day. Though we've discussed a number of green products in the past, we felt it was time to feature a specific product, ComfortBoard from Roxul. A mineral wool product, it's created in board form instead of the batt-like formats that many of our clients are more familiar with. Here's a bit more on this remarkable product:

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Stay Cool This Summer with Insulation and AC Efficiency

In New England, we tend to worry much more about staying warm in the winter than cool in the summer. But with the recent climate shifts that have been happening around the globe, maybe it's time to consider staying cool in the summer as well. But how do you keep your home cool without a high utility bill to show for it? Here are some tips on what to look for to stay cool for less and improving your home's overall energy efficiency.

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Contractor Guide: Insulation Respiratory Protection Information

When you work in contracting, you expect to breath in some junk on occasion. But when it comes to insulation, a little can go a long way. Whether it's chemicals, irritants or other harmful substances, having the proper respiratory protection when insulating can help protect your lungs. Here's our guide on respiratory PPE, what type is used in what situation and what the drawbacks are of any particular piece of equipment.

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A Survey of Fire Rated Insulation Types

When you're trying to stay warm over the winter, there are typically two routes you can take - crank up the heat and increase the insulation of your structure. But with the nearly 1.3 million fires reported every year, how do you protect yourself against your insulation from catching fire? By using fire rated insulation. In this post, we'll take a solid look at different types of fire rated insulation and what situations they perform best.

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A Review of 3 Green Insulation Options

When you're looking at building materials, there's no doubt that insulation of any type ends up being a green material because it lowers the amount of work your HVAC system needs to do to keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature. But with the push for green construction, what insulation products are actually created using sustainable practices and materials? We've taken the opportunity to look at different earth-friendly insulation options for your review here:

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The Building Envelope: Energy-Saving Components

As building science improves, the attention paid to the building envelope, the parts of the structure that separates the outside from the inside, is becoming more and more detailed. But what parts make up the building envelope, and what functions do they serve in that capacity? In this post, we'll take a solid look at what a solid building envelope entails.

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