Meet New England's Largest CertainTeed Acoustical Ceiling Tile Distributor

At Wallboard Supply Company, we're always striving to provide our customers with the best possible selection and variety of high-quality building materials. Our goal is to provide your business with everything it needs without having to deal with multiple suppliers, streamlining your materials acquisition process. Recently, we were honored to be recognized as New England's largest acoustical ceiling tile distributor for CertainTeed. This designation allows us to pass on great savings to all our clients while providing them with a better selection of specialty products than we've ever had available in the past. Here's a bit more about what we can offer your project's acoustical ceiling tile needs.

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Soundproofing Walls: How Movie Theaters Cut Noise

There's nothing like catching an awesome movie - complete with great sound - in a theater. You don't have to worry about waking up the baby or not being able to hear. Yet at the same time, the great sound you're hearing isn't being carried through the wall to the theater next door. What kind of design and materials are used to prevent sound transmission through the walls, floors and ceilings of theaters? Whether you're working on a commercial project or your latest home improvement, here are some things to consider to provide great soundproofing in the theater.

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How Acoustical Ceilings Improve Sound Clarity in Performance

There's no doubt that in performance halls and auditoriums, acoustical engineering is at the forefront of the room's design. How do the different components work together to create a truly magical auditory experience? Acoustical panels and ceilings help create the perfect sound experience in a variety of ways. 

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How Soundproofing and Acoustical Products Can Improve Sleep

It doesn't matter whether it's the dripping faucet, the creaking framing or the sound of the ice maker dropping ice at 3:00 A.M., what matters is that you can't sleep. You're not alone - an estimated 50-70 million Americans are right there with you in the wee hours of the morning, according to a Centers for Disease Control report issued recently, with nearly 1/3 of adults not getting sufficient sleep every night. But what can you do about it?

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Does soundboard products help with soundproofing?

When you need to lower or eliminate sound for a project, there are a few options available. Acoustical foam absorbs any sound, but can degrade over time, making a mess, and is terrible for dust build-up. Adding insulation between interior walls muffles some noise, but the irritating background noise stills come through, just not quite as loudly or clearly. Soundboard is a wallboard product that can be applied to either dampen or eliminate sound, provided that it is properly installed. Here are some more details on soundboard, how it works, its benefits and limitations and how to install it properly:

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Soundproofing Walls: How One Hospital Took it to the Next Level

You’re choosing the materials for a project that you’re going to be working on.  Maybe you’re building a theater, or an addition to a school, or a hospital.  Whatever it is, part of the job is to make things soundproof.  People want to be able to concentrate, to think in peace, and there are some situations and some places where it is really important to not be inundated with noises from other places in the facility.

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Building A Sound Studio: Guidelines and Common Mistakes

Unlike other construction projects, building a sound studio requires painstaking attention to the details. This is because material used in any type of construction project comes with a resonant frequency; by tapping into that frequency, sound begins to resonate. When a client seeks out a professional, like yourself, controlling the sound in that studio is critical to their bottom line.

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Why Soundproof Drywall Is An Excellent Investment

When it comes to sound absorption, not all surfaces are made equal. In spite of its many admirable qualities, standard drywall is not especially conducive to soundproofing -- a reality that can prove problematic in a number of residential and commercial contexts. When determining whether soundproofing is necessary, it is important to consider the available budget for a project and the intended use of the completed structure.

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Choosing Acoustical Insulation Products

Acoustic insulation is an important consideration when choosing construction materials. It provides a more comfortable environment in the home and a more productive atmosphere in the workplace. Therefore, acoustical insulation plays a vital role in both residential and commercial construction. Since sound has the ability to travel through a variety of mediums, the type of materials used will vary depending on the application. Building codes often stipulate that construction materials meet specific criteria for sound control. It’s essential tounderstand the properties of the materials prior to requesting an acoustic insulation delivery.

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How Room Acoustics Work

Room acoustics play an important part in the overall comfort and usefulness of any room or space. Often times the acoustics of a room can make it uncomfortable for the person occupying it. However, many people fail to understand the basics of what makes the sound in a room natural and pleasing to the ear. Bad acoustics in a room are not inescapable, with the proper knowledge and materials, any room can be acoustically pleasing.

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