Enjoy Better Indoor Air Quality with AirRenew Drywall Panels

When you have concerns about indoor air quality, there are any number of steps you can take to remedy the situation. But what if you could improve the air quality simply by choosing a different type of drywall panel? The researchers at CertainTeed have developed AirRenew drywall, which actively removes formaldehyde from the air and converts it into a safe, inert compound. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary new drywall product.

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Generic Types of Gypsum Wallboard

When we started our business, we dealt with one thing - wallboard. Though many years have passed since that humble beginning, there's one thing we still know better than any other, and that's gypsum wallboard. But when you're in one of our stores, there are a lot of options available. Made by compressing gypsum between two paper sheets, gypsum wallboard is probably the most commonly-used interior wall facing used today. In this piece, we'll help you sort through the differences and why they're important so that you can pick the perfect drywall panel options for your project.

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Stop The Build-Up Of Moisture with Mold Resistant Drywall

If you've every worked a disaster recovery, whether it's a hurricane, bad snow storm or flooding, you're probably already familiar with how badly standard drywall can take on moisture and create serious mold problems. Following the Joplin, Missouri EF-5 mile-wide tornado that wiped out the center of this small Midwestern city, doctors began to notice numerous complaints where wounds suffered from the debris in the tornado actually began growing mold, eventually leading to the death of five additional victims. Though most molds and mildews found on a daily basis aren't quite this serious, they can still cause significant health problems if left unchecked. The best way to keep these problematic fungi from taking over your home and making you sick? Mold-resistant drywall. Here are more details on how this specialty drywall can help keep your home in good order.

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GAF 2015 Promotion

This Spring, Buy Qualifying GAF Accessories and Get Unlimited Business Building Club Reward Bucks!

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Wallboard Supply Company Joins The US LBM Family Of Companies

Londonderry, New Hampshire – November 26, 2014 – US LBM Holdings, LLC (“US LBM”) announces the acquisition of Wallboard Supply Company of Londonderry, NH from the Filion family and its investors. President John Filion will continue to lead the company along with Vice President Ryan Filion and all members of the management team.

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Building Relationships: Educating Customers for Successful Contracting

Interacting with customers can be one of the best - and worst - parts of being a successful contractor. On one hand, you get to see the delight on your customer's faces as a hulking framework of lumber, masonry and steel is transformed into the beautiful architectural rendering of their dreams. On the other hand, however, are those less than pleasant experiences that threaten to test the wits, and patience, of even the most dedicated contractor.

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On Budget, On Time, & Specs Met

Every business, no matter the industry or company size, looks for a competitive edge. This means hiring the best people, designing plans and programs to keep them, take pride and ownership of the products and services you offer, and run your business as efficiently as you can.

When it comes to general contractors, an often-overlooked way to gain a step up on the competition is to build an effective supply chain for construction supplies and tools.

Throughout New England, small and large construction companies use Wallboard Supply Company as their vendor of choice.

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Stay Ahead of the Time Crunch with Timely Building Supply Delivery

Time is money on any construction site. Boston building contractors know this simple fact all too well. If you don’t finish jobs on time there could be serious repercussions that go well beyond a loss of reputation as a reliable contractor. In some instances, thousands of your own dollars are tied up in guarantees that you’ll deliver on time and according to the terms of your contract.

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How Boston Building Materials Delivery Saves Time

Many contractors make it a habit to stop by the local home improvement store to pick up needed items before starting work for the day. While this ensures that you get exactly the materials you intended, and have personally assured their quality, it also entails a lot of wasted time. It isn't very cost effective for a contractor to spend the first hour of the day selecting supplies, waiting in line, loading the truck, and driving to the job site. Building materials delivery can be a convenient alternative that saves time and money. 

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The Future of Construction, Big or Small

Determining the future of construction is complicated given the turmoil of today’s economy and the public’s perception of the government. It’s difficult to decide on a direction when the wind is constantly changing direction.

To listen to the economist and compare their forecast with that of Wells Fargo Finance and McGrall Hill Financial, they have different opinions on most fronts and agree on few.

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