Turn the Curve with Metal Framing Using Flex-Ability and Radius Track

With today's design focus on creating fluid living spaces, curved walls that add an organic feel to a structure are becoming more and more popular. But if you're trying to frame in that wall, you may feel constrained to using lumber framing as metal framing has not done well with this type of technique in the past. But as newer, more innovative products come to market to help with this problem, the average contractor isn't sure how well these products will work in their situation. Here's the rundown on two popular new metal framing solutions for curves: Flex-Ability and Radius Track:

The Case for Flex-Ability

Flex-Ability Concepts is an American manufacturing company based out of Oklahoma. Focusing on providing curve options for metal framing, it has a number of different products. Here's a bit more information about their most popular product, Flex-C Track:

  • Flexability TrackAvailable in a wide variety of widths in its popular 18-gauge line, including 2-1/2", 3-5/8", 4", 6", 8" and 10".
  • Manufactured in 16, 18 and 20 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel to provide plenty of strength and durability, with a lightweight version called Flex Lite in 25 gauge.
  • Available in 10' sections that can be cut down according to the contractor's needs.
  • Features the company's proprietary Hammer Lock technology to prevent a curve from being shifted out of place by the simple blow of a hammer.
  • Curve radius can go as tightly as 7" in 2-1/2" variety.
  • Meets ASTM A653 structural grade 33 or 50, depending on specific product used.

Other Flex-Ability products that help provide additional options for metal framing customization include Flex-C Angle in 1-3/16" and 2" widths, Flex Arch in 2-1/2", 3-5/8", 4" and 6" widths, and Flex Header in 3-5/8" and 6" widths. 

How Radius Track is Taking the Market

There's something to be said about heartland ingenuity, and Radius Track out of Minneapolis drives the point home with a wide variety of products to help contractors meet their clients' needs. With the hand-bendable Ready Track product line making it easy to alter design on the fly, this innovative company has quickly become an industry leader in an area of framing that had previously been thought too difficult to conquer.

  • Ready Angle for metal framingAvailable in a wide range of widths in its Ready Track lineup, including 2-1/2", 3-1/2", 3-5/8", 4", 5-1/2" and 6".
  • Created from 18 or 20 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Available in both 8' and 10' tracks to provide more flexibility in sizing and estimating your project.
  • Can reach a maximum radius of 10-20" for sharp curves.
  • Holds its shape well once formed, with framing screws are added easily to one side of the tab to lock the design in place with better support for your walls.
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM A653 G-60 coating requirements.

Radius Track is offering a wide range of additional products, including Ready-Hat in a single 7/8" width and 10' length, Ready-Angle in 1-1/2" by 1-1/2" segments in 8' and 10' lengths and Ready-Arch in 3-1/2", 3-5/8", 5-1/2" and 6" widths and 8' lengths.

There's no doubt that these new products will help open the door to curved metal framing options now and down the road as they become more popular and are seen as a more sustainable option compared to dimensional lumber framing. Why not try out these metal framing possibilities on your next job? If you need further details on Flex-Ability or Radius Track, please feel free to contact the experts at Wallboard Supply Company. We're always happy to help your project reach its full potential.

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