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When you're working on a serious project, sometimes you need a building wrap that delivers more. With the pounding that a commercial job site provides, you need something tougher that will still be there at the end of the project. Though there are many building wraps available for this type of job, DuPont's Tyvek CommercialWrap has some great benefits that puts it above the competition. Here's why we recommend it:

Superior Performance On The Job Site

Though we expect Tyvek to be tough, CommercialWrap is even tougher. It has an even higher tear strength than regular Tyvek, as it's constructed using spun-bonded polyethylene at 7.1 mils. This makes it more resistant to those accidents that would otherwise have you repairing your building wrap. Additional UV protection is built in to the fabric, providing up to nine months of UV exposure before degrading.

You can also use CommercialWrap to build an extremely efficient envelope system for your building even in a variety of wall systems, including stucco, stone, metal panels, brick, granite, marble and synthetic stucco. The building wrap is designed to integrate seamlessly into your project's design, leaving only a beautiful appearance and significantly lower energy bills behind.

Superior Air And Vapor Barrier

CommercialWrap provides significant benefits in creating a superior building envelope system. These benefits include significantly lower energy bills, a more comfortable work environment and better indoor air quality. The needs that CommercialWrap meets include:

  • Air barrier. CommercialWrap prevents significant air leakage, leading to more efficient building operations. By helping reduce movement into and out of the building envelope, HVAC systems operate much more efficiently, reducing energy costs. CommercialWrap helps prevent air movement within the wall system, protecting insulation from drafts and letting it perform to its rated R-value. This combination reduces the energy requirements that cost commercial buildings across the industry billions of dollars every year.
  • Vapor permeable barrier. In addition to keeping air out, CommercialWrap allows water vapor to escape when excess moisture gets in, such as during a fire or flood. This property allows the wall system to dry, prevent mold while protecting and improving building air quality. 
  • Water barrier. By preventing water infiltration, CommercialWrap provides superior water exclusion, keeping insulation dry and and able to perform at its rated R-value, while preventing costly wood and metal damage as well as mold and mildew.

Because of this balance of properties, CommercialWrap improves building performance in a diverse range of climates and temperatures through all four seasons.

Superior Green Construction And Energy Savings

New home construction with sheathingDid you know 30-50% of the energy used in a commercial building is wasted because of air movement, mostly through the building envelope? By providing a superior seal for commercial buildings, good-quality building wrap lowers that figure by up to 85%, according to a 2005 National Institute of Standard and Technology report. This drastically reduces the energy required to heat and cool the structure by up to 40% for gas heat and up to 25% for electric climate control systems.

As businesses are turning to green building practices, energy codes are changing, recognizing how important it is to have a properly sealed building envelope. As more focus is put on the impact of energy efficiency and environmental conservation, CommercialWrap helps meet those tight energy codes today and into a more sustainable future. CommercialWrap has been used in a number of U.S. Green Building Council LEED-certified structures and helps provide points towards these environmentally friendly buildings.

Superior Support From A Brand You Trust

If you have questions or need to know what other contractors have done in a sticky situation, CommercialWrap use includes access to The DuPont™ Tyvek® Specialist Network to provide expert onsite advice from start to finish. CommercialWrap also carries a 10-year limited warranty from DuPont.

Now that you've had an opportunity to learn more about Tyvek's CommercialWrap, why not take the next step? Contact us for a quote or to schedule a delivery from one of our convenient 4-state locations.


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