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When you're planning a special project, you can take the ordinary route with your drywall or you can create something truly unique and original that your client or family will love. But where do you get ideas and fuel your creativity to go above and beyond on a project? Many contractors and interior designers use online galleries to gather ideas for their project. Let's take a look at some great galleries, how to collect and organize your ideas and how to translate those ideas into real-world results.

Finding Drywall Galleries

If you're thinking that drywall is just drywall, and that any real design work would need to involve framed features like tray ceilings or recessed niches, think again. Drywall is becoming an art form under its own right. Here are some great places to cook up new ideas:

  • Trimtex. The Trimtex website has an amazing gallery of products being used in a variety of specialty projects as well as the last several years' winners of their drywall artist's competition. For everything drywall, there's inspiration on their website.
  • Houzz. Though Houzz covers a much wider range of inspiration, it's still an awesome place to go to gather ideas for drywall. While one person may like the beautiful marble around a fireplace, you can appreciate the hand-worked plaster wall art on the pillars supporting the mantle.

Organizing Your Ideas

Now that you've found some ideas that you like, it's time to organize them. You can do this either off-line using a traditional design board where you gather photos, finishes, colors and textures, online using a bulletin board service or a combination of the two as you present the ideas and collaborate with your client.

  • Trim Tex Quad RollerTraditional design board. A traditional design board brings an additional dimension to your design idea. You can actually feel the texture, see how the light plays with a particular finish or get a better idea of how the different design elements work together in the real world.
  • Online-only bulletin board. Good examples of these include Houzz and Pinterest, where you can create boards or ideabooks that hold all your inspiration. You can also make notes about what you like in a particular image and how it ties in with the idea you're developing.
  • Collaboration with client of online and traditional boards. Of course, if you're working hand in hand with a client, being able to do some collaboration online when you have spare time and being able to meet to verify on a traditional board the plan of attack for your idea is an awesome way to make sure everyone is on the same page about the new design.

Creating the Concept

Once you've gotten approval from the client on the basics, it's time to draft a few ideas. Whether you're more of a pencil and paper kind of person or like playing with CAD software to develop your ideas, here are some great ways to bring the idea to life.

  • Wallboard Customer ServiceProfessional-grade sketch for the artist's touch. Ask anyone who does sketching, you can create finer details including areas that are feathered out, sharp edges and similar features when you draw. If you don't draw well, consider working with a local artist.
  • CAD software solutions for precision. CAD gives you extreme precision, so you can show exactly how that new trim won't interfere with the ceiling fan.
  • 3D printed model for a hands-on approach. If you just need to play with the design in reality, look at creating a 3D printed model to work out the fine details.

Now that you've had the chance to review some ideas to move the process forward, take an hour with a computer, put together some ideas and play with new materials to get a feel for how they'll work. If you need help finding specialty materials, please feel free to contact us. Wallboard Supply Company has been the four-state region's solution to custom-ordered materials for over 45 years.

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