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For the do-it-yourselfer, contractor or builder, the “Material Estimator Calculator” is the perfect tool for estimating materials and overall cost.

Some calculators charge you for access, or you can access our free drywall calculator, and are a great help in estimating a project. Its calculations include wallboard, brick, block, studs, tile, concrete, studs, flooring, decking, fence and even paint.

It’s great for determining exact estimates of all materials needed to complete the job with very little waste. After estimating the materials needed, it will give an overall cost as well. The cost will even include the number of wallboard screws and compound.


  • Contractor Measuring FloorLinear, area and volume solutions
  • Estimates in feet-inches-fractions, yards and metric
  • Determines material requirements
  • Calculates number of studs needed
  • Determines board feet and cost per unit
  • Calculates wallboard and paneling requirements
  • Built in answers for material and spacing requirements

Calculating Wallboard Materials

For illustrative purposes, these calculations are for a 30 X 40 building

  • Measure the length of the walls, 2 at 30 feet and 2 at 40 feet
  • Enter 2 X 30 and depress the key labeled “Feet.
  • Enter the remaining walls by pressing + 2 X 40 Feet.
  • Enter the ceiling length and width. + 30 X 40 feet and press Calculate. Your total is 2,520 square feet. Press “sheets” and it will calculate the number of panels needed.
  • Measure the windows and doors and hit the minus key and enter the measurements and once again hit the calculate key. The calculator has subtracted the area from the overall square footage.

The number of drywall sheets are displayed in 8-, 10- and 12-foot panels.

The material calculator’s memory has the proper spacing of the drywall screws and the amount of joint compound and tape necessary as well.

Hilti drywall screws

The calculator determines the number of nails to hang the drywall on studs or joists installed 16-inch on center. Nails are spaced 7 inches along the ceiling or 8 inches on the walls. Every 1000 square feet requires 5.3 pounds of nails.

Screws are spaced 12-inches along walls and ceilings. For every 1000 square feet you will need 2.9 pounds of screws.

The next step is to separate any walls that require special drywall such as high impact, moisture resistance, firebreak or sound insulated. When you call Wallboard Supply Company, notify the representative of the type of barrier wall and square footage required.

Additional Calculations

In addition to calculating the number of drywall sheets, materials and other costs, the wallboard drywall calculator will also calculate the amount of framing lumber and sheathing in the same manner. It will also calculate the number of studs for the walls at 16 inches on center.

The Wallboard materials estimator also calculates yards of cement needed, as well as flooring squares and roofing. Once the calculations are complete, it’s time to decide of the type of wallboard to be used.

Wallboard Supply carries Georgia-Pacific, USG, National Gypsum, Continental, Quiet Rock and CertainTeed. Additionally, we carry specialty boards such as fire-rated and moisture-resistant boards, along with fiberglass and impact-resistant boards, to name a few.

We not only offer timely delivery, but we can lift and place the drywall to work sites up to 110 feet. Wallboard Supply Company has five locations to serve you: Londonderry, Braintree, Portland, Hermon and Williston, all serving New England for over 43 years.

Wallboard Supply is a major supplier of metal framing, building lumber, wallboards, windows, siding, metal and asphalt roofing and supplies, insulation, acoustical ceilings, interior and exterior finishes and construction related tools.

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