Lumbering Along: Wallboard Supply Company Purchases Poulin Lumber


If you're a customer of Wallboard Supply Company, you know that we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your construction needs. But until recently, we haven't been able to provide a diverse lumber selection to our customers. That's all changed - on October 19, our family-run business took the opportunity to better meet all our customer's needs and diversify our operation by acquiring Vermont-based Poulin Lumber. This strategic partnership helps both businesses expand their operations into new markets and to serve customers that have previously been left underserved across the region.

Poulin Lumber LogoA family-owned business for several generations, Poulin Lumber has traditionally served homeowners and commercial contractors by providing windows, doors, roofing, wall panels and similar construction materials in addition to their lumber offerings. With its headquarters in Derby, Vermont and four locations throughout central and northern Vermont, Poulin Lumber employs up to 75 people, depending on the season and market demand. We're planning on maintaining the leadership team at Poulin, the staff, the daily operations and the services offered by the lumberyard to remain about the same as they are currently. Cory Poulin, president of Poulin Lumber for almost twenty years, mentions, “This expands our reach a little bit and gives us a more diverse group of professionals to continue working with and a better market to keep expanding into." Until the merger was initiated, the company hadn't worked as much with interior trim carpenters, drywall subcontractors and similar construction customers that are the mainstay of Wallboard Supply Company's bottom line.

This expands our reach a little bit and gives us a more diverse group of professionals to continue working with and a better market to keep expanding into.

Cory Poulin, Poulin Lumber

The two companies have a lot in common. Both of them are multi-generation, family-run enterprises that have served New England's contractors and construction trades for decades. Wallboard Supply Company is currently in its third generation of family-run operations and features five locations across four New England states, so the acquisition of Poulin Lumber has nearly doubled the locations available for both businesses to promote their products. Wallboard Supply Company is excited about this acquisition, as "this gets us into the lumber yard world and diversifies our product line,” according to our executive VP Ryan Filion. One of the exciting prospects it opens up is the option "to do similar acquisitions throughout New England.”

With the construction industry currently going through a strong consolidation trend, Wallboard’s parent company US LBM is currently the country's third-largest building products distributor. With the consolidation trend, US LBM is averaging one transaction weekly, according to our executive VP Filion, and as a whole, has grown by approximately one billion dollars in the past year alone. As part of the larger market trend, many owners who have weathered the past several years of economic downturns are looking at getting their equity back out of their company, whether it's for retirement, to reinvest or simply to have a larger nest egg for potential upcoming economic issues.Poulin Lumber - Derby Store “The values of independent companies are higher than they’ve ever been, so owners are just looking to get their equity off the table,” Filion mentions with regards to the recent trend.

With the number of business owners looking at getting out of the industry, our acquisition of Poulin is one of the smaller deals US LBM has made recently. In order to continue the acquisition's profitability and market share, acquired companies typically are left alone to continue doing business as usual  while maintaining their own operations, management and staffing. According to our executive VP Filion, “that’s the beauty of the transaction. We bought what they do, the culture that they have. We get to expand our market share without dropping our profit margin."

By taking this approach, both Poulin Lumber and Wallboard Supply Company are able to continue operating as successfully as they have in the past while still expanding their business offerings and client base to new areas they haven't been able to separately capitalize on previously. At Wallboard Supply Company, we're proud to have served our customers for several decades and are looking forward to helping you grow your business with our new offerings and locations. Please contact us for more information, a free quote or to schedule a delivery.

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