Wallboard Supply Company's 110 Foot Boom Truck

Wallboard Suppply Company 110 Boom Truck at work

Wallboard Supply Company is committed to serving the people in the New England area. Our part in that service is providing affordable quality materials and tools so that construction projects can go on hitch-free and in abundance.

' This stimulates the local economy by ensuring that contractors maintain competitive prices, encouraging more contractors to enter the industry and make more projects affordable for more people.'

A 110 Foot Boom Truck Can Extend Possibility

A major part of our service is the equipment we have to make your life easier. One piece of equipment we are extra excited about is our 110 foot boom truck.

This truck makes it easy to deliver materials to your taller than usual job site. With this new boom truck Wallboard Supply Company will be prepared to offer an optimal delivery service to commercial contractors when they need it. We hope to save contractors time and money as well as the security of knowing their products are in good hands.

Wallboard Boom Truck in Boston on a construction siteOur tall boom truck service includes all the customer service extended to all our delivery customers. If you ever questioned our ability to process your order because you thought your project was too big, we hope you'll think again.

So When Can You Expect Your Materials?

' We start loading our boom trucks at 5am to make our deliveries.'

While our typical turnaround time is 24 hours on most orders, we will make some special exceptions for those you absolutely need same day delivery.

Also if requested we can have materials on your site by 6am and always shoot for 7am delivery.

We keep our delivery service open and flexible for your needs. If you have a question about our delivery services don't hesitate to call and run it by us.

Our boom operators are experienced, enthusiastic and understand what is at stake with performing a reliable delivery service. Wallboard takes pride in its role to serve the industry in the New England area; we would be honored if you allowed us to show you what our delivery service can do for your next project.

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Wallboard Supply Company is a third generation, family run business that has been serving New England's building needs since 1970. Bob Filion started the company with a commitment to provide quality drywall and finishing products with unmatched customer service. The company has grown over the years, expanding its' product range, but never wavering from its' core values.