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Whether you're planning your next construction project or are right in the middle of preparation, one of the most important factors that you always have to consider involves the specific type of drywall that you're going to be using. Due to the fact that drywall is commonly used to make interior walls, ceilings and other properties in a building, it is actually one of the most common types of material in the entire structure. Drywall in general has a wide variety of different benefits that can't be ignored - chief among them is their success at acting as a passive fire protection item to keep everyone in a building safe. One of the unfortunate downsides is that due to the thin nature of the material, it often gave way to noise pollution - especially in buildings where units are designed closely together.

That is, until now. QuietRock Drywall is a high quality product that has been designed to both offer the same benefits that contractors have come to depend on, as well as fix a number of the issues and complaints that people have had over the years.

One of the major benefits of QuietRock Drywall is that it is the first drywall in history that has been designed specifically for noise control in buildings. As a result, it holds benefits across a wide variety of different types of projects - regardless of the intended use of the finished building. If your next construction project is for an apartment complex, for example, QuietRock Drywall can be used to create a much quieter and intimate environment in each unit.

Stacks of Wallboard Drywall in a warehouseThe owner of the building can then use the fact that the walls have been made with such a material as a marketing tool. Single individuals who move in next to a family of four don't want to have to worry about whether they'll hear kids crying at all hours of the night. The reverse is also true - families who would normally be upset to learn that a group of college students have moved in across the hall won't have to worry about loud parties disrupting their important sleep or even daytime activities. By using QuietRock Drywall, everybody wins - from the contractor to the building owner to residents and more.

The same is also true of buildings in other types of industries. If your next construction project is for an office building in and around the Boston, Massachusetts area, for example, you'll want to create the quietest environment possible for each unit so that one business does not disrupt any others in the same area. Office buildings tend to be confined spaces, but the types of businesses may vary wildly from one unit to the next. A certified public accountant could operate right next to a day care facility, for example. With QuietRock Drywall, those businesses won't have to worry about noise pollution from other areas of the building interrupting the important activities that they have going on daily.

To get an example of just how successful QuietRock Drywall is at keeping out sound (and how important sound treatment is in general), consider the Lollipop Lounge. Located on the Upper East Side in New York City, New York, it is a high energy Tapas Bar and Lounge that is incredibly successful. Because of the area where the Lollipop Lounge is located, however, sound pollution is a very real concern. Not only could the lounge potentially be sued by area residents in close proximity if things get too loud, the business could also be shut down completely.

Lollipop Lounge - Upper East Side in New York CityAfter contractors used QuietRock Drywall during the construction of the Lollipop Lounge, the issue evaporated practically overnight. The owner of the establishment has reported no complaints about noise from area residents, despite the fact that he has a $100,000 sound system installed on the premises.

For maximum success regarding noise prevention and control, it is recommended that QuietRock Drywall be used with the associated acoustical sealants that are also on sale. These sealants will prevent noise leaks in the most efficient way possible, making sure that the occupants of the building in question don't have to worry about a thing when it comes to noise. Also available are various glues and coatings like QuietGlue Pro that will easily adapt to any type of condition or requirement that your specific construction project may involve. These types of solutions make QuietRock Drywall ideal for every situation.

When you begin researching building materials for your next construction project in the Boston, Massachusetts area, it will quickly become clear that QuietRock Drywall is the right choice for you. As the first drywall in the history of the business that has been specifically designed for noise control in buildings, it is an ideal solution for everything from nightclubs to apartment complexes and everything in between.

Not only that, but you still get all of the same great benefits that you have come to expect and depend on from commercial drywall materials. To find out more information about what QuietRock Drywall can do for your next project, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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