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The importance of timely delivery and accurate placement of building materials cannot be stressed enough. Among all the complexities of planning a construction project, the proper timing of building materials delivery and transport to the site of the work is crucial in maintaining a constant workflow.

The importance of this topic and its effect on job performance is demonstrated by the many studies that were taken and papers written on the subject of procurement and delivery.

Examine the results of one such study co-authored by Lisa Darvik and Julia Larsson, professors at Chalmers University of Technology. They represent the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Division of Construction Management. 

Their paper, “The impact of material delivery deviations on costs and performance in construction projects demonstrates the necessity for accurate and timely delivery.

They take every aspect of material delivery from procurement to delivery and examine the cause and effects of improper planning or evaluating and using the wrong supplier.

The original quote on the entire project is dependent on the availability and placement of the material at the proper time to avoid paying for down time or any of the ripple effects caused by delayed deliveries.

Effects of Inconvenient Deliveries

Workers Waiting AroundIf the deliveries of building supplies occur early, a series of new problems arises. Preservation from the effects of weather factor in. Placement in the work site may cause delays due to restricted movement increasing the labor cost.

Storing the material off site requires a qualified forklift driver and coverings adequate to protect the material from the effects of weather.

Transferring the building materials to the right location will require two workers to prevent excess flexing of the wallboards. If this is impractical, equipment will be needed to lift the wallboard or lumber to the point of installation.

For insurance and liability purposes, equipment to move material must be done by a qualified individual. Liability also exists when lifting material to elevated work sites which must be considered, not to mention the cost of equipment to accomplish the task.

Loss of materials through theft and pilferage is another consideration and common among job sites that store early arrival materials.

Late arrival of materials cost profits through unnecessary delays. Sub-contractors may have prior commitments and delays may facilitate hiring replacements. Delays may also put future commitments on hold as well.

Other Factors to Consider

Wallboard supply delivery truckMost experienced contractors evaluate their suppliers in terms of percentage of defective materials, punctuality, ability to deliver the building materials not only to the work site but to the site of the work. Another factor is how the supplier handles defective material and the speed at which they respond with replacement.

Another consideration when evaluating the performance of a supplier is their ability to aid in the calculation of materials needed. This takes a load off the contractor when the supplier is reliable in making exacting calculations and supplying sufficient materials for the job with minimal waste. At Wallboard Supply Company we take pride in ensuring you have exactly what you need. Below are a few bullet points on how we ensure timely and effective delivery:

  • All materials supplied are code compliant.
  • Well versed in necessity for accurate computations of quantity of building materials needed.
  • Our professional sales force has the ability to save profits by supplying the exact quantity and cutting waste.
  • An extensive inventory of trucks and equipment to expedite your delivery and lifts to place the materials at the site of the job.
  • When ordering your sales rep will notify you of the advance notice needed in respect to your job’s location for timely delivery.

As a reminder, Wallboard Supply Company is also a primary provider of building materials such as lumber, windows, siding, roofing materials (metal and asphalt shingle), fasteners and construction related tools. Click the button below to get a free building materials quote.

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