Work Gear for New England Winters

Construction worker in winter

When the cold weather hits, it is important for you to prepare yourself. In the unforgiving New England winters, the temperatures can fall below zero and the wind can bite right through almost any work jacket.

That is exactly why you need to know what kind of clothing works best and what is going to keep you warm. Just because you have to work outside does not mean you are going to be totally exposed to the elements. There are different items that are a must have, so you can still work and not need to run for shelter as soon as you step outside. 


Before you get into any of the necessary clothing, it is always important to dress in layers. Layering is the most important element to staying warm. Every layer needs to go comfortably over the previous layer in order to stay comfortable and warm, without reducing your quality of movement.

Sweat Wicking Shirt and Pants

Long JohnsThis needs to be your base layer. These are often used for athletes who perform in cold temperature. The material is used to absorb the moisture you sweat off and then turn it into heat. This way, the more you sweat, the warmer you stay. You don't want clothing that simply collects sweat and lets it sit, as this is going to cause you to chafe and force your temperature down. This is an essential first layer.

Thermal Top and Bottoms

Thermal is something that is going to help prevent wind from breaking through your clothing and it is going to help you retain your body heat. While there are excellent thermal tops you can wear, it is just as important to have bottoms as well.

There is long thermal underwear that is going to keep you warm, although you should wear these over your sweat wicking material. Sweat wicking material is designed to be tight, so it is not going to work if it is worn over thermal. Plus, you will stay comfortable and not destroy your ability to move.

Work Jacket

When it comes to a work jacket, you want something that is thickly insulated and has layers of a canvas or heavy material. Leather is not very warm, so this is not a desirable cold weather jacket. You want something that gives you a bit of room when it is on too, so you can have the necessary wiggle room for the additional layers you are going to be wearing.

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