New Product Alert: WSC Now Carries Rockfon Acoustical Panels

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When you're working on a project, sometimes you want to try something new. That's why Wallboard Supply Company is always looking for new manufacturers to partner with to provide our customers with a wider range of options. We're proud to announce that we've partnered with Rockfon to provide our customers with a wide range of new acoustical products, helping our customers find new high-quality options for their projects. Here's a quick look at this dynamic new partner and the great products they sell.

Specializing in rock wool and metal acoustical ceiling solutions, Rockfon is associated with Roxul, the rock wool insulation manufacturer. The company has now brought that expertise to suspended ceiling products. Combined with the recent buy-out of Chicago Metallic, the Rockfon acoustical ceiling system combines the strong integrity of Chicago Metallic's suspension systems and Roxul's high-quality rock wool products to create a superior product that provides better acoustical performance.

Rockfon Island

But how good are their products in the real world? Rock wool panels from Rockfon are rated at 0.85 noise reduction coefficient on a scale where 0.0 blocks no sound and 1.0 blocks all sound. Their products also deliver superior fire resistance similar to rock wool insulation, not burning below 2150°F and not contributing to smoke development or fire spread. Like other mineral wool products, they can also deliver superior resistance to moisture and leaks, making them ideal for humid or damp environments. They have a number of different products that meet almost any need found in the field:

  • Many Rockfon products rate well in speech privacy, including Sonar, Alaska, Tropic, and Koral. This ensures less background noise in many environments, especially where dividers are used rather than full walls.
  • Their Sonar dB products have a ceiling attenuation class of 43 dB, which refers to how well the ceiling tile will block sound between rooms when the dividing wall doesn't extend past the suspended ceiling surface.
  • Rockfon Island and Contour products perform well as baffles or islands to control sound in specific areas of a space.
  • Though all Rockfon panels are rated to GREENGUARD Gold standards, their Medical line provides even lower particle emissions, making them ideal for healthcare situations.
  • When you need to take advantage of indoor lighting, the Sonar, Alaska, Tropic, and Koral lines deliver the highest level of light reflection, lowering demand for additional lighting sources.
  • Though all Rockfon panels can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner and brush attachment, some lines are specifically designed for heavy cleaning. These include the Sonar and Medical series, Koral and Impact lines.
  • Rock wool naturally repels water and has no nutritive value for microorganisms, including MRSA, Candida Albicans and Aspergillus Niger, microorganisms responsible for resistant staph and pneumonia infections.
  • When you need a ceiling that will take a beating, Impact's reinforced design provides years of durable performance in the most demanding environments.
Rockfon baffle

The acoustical products produced by Rockfon provide you with a wide range of options for your projects. But what if you're not sure whether Rockfon's products are right for your project? At Wallboard Supply Company, we're always happy to help make sure our customers have the right products for their needs. If you have questions or need advice on whether Rockfon's products will work for you, please feel free to contact one of our experienced associates or request a quote today.

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